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Kathy Svilar


KMS Advertising | Vintage Kathy Svilar

  Anyone who knew Kathy Svilar as a cheerleader and homecoming queen could have predicted her career path. The POM POM girl became the cheerleader for major Pittsburgh grocery store chain, Shop 'n Save. From the J.C. Penney's teen board, to a whirlwind tour with Miss USA, to the Penney's regional ad department, Kathy learned the key to success...SELL - SELL - SELL! As the Monroeville Mall Promotion Director, Svilar's skills as a writer/ producer and event planner created opportunity to put her marketing experience to work. From 1983 to 2003 Kathy Svilar and Shop 'n Save teamed up to create a company image that was built on integrity and Pittsburgh pride. Kathy IS KMS , and since the J.C. Penney days she has produced hundreds of commercials, print ads, billboards and radio shows for clients across the country.

Jaime Melocchi

Creative/Art Director

    Sometimes a project looks simple to the un-artistic eye; however it takes a special talent to create a visual masterpiece. Whether it be a set design for a television commercial, a still photography backdrop, or a trade show exhibit, KMS trusts the skill of art director Jaime Melocchi. An interior designer by trade, Jaime brings an uncanny ability to add class and pizzazz to all KMS work. Jaime's experience includes major exhibits for John Connelly and the House of Angels Vatican art collection. Jaime also provides expert make-up and set design for all KMS commercial and industrial projects.